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KPC 1c  A printed card of Cheriton used from Wye in 1904      £9.50

KPC 2c   Real photogaphic card of The Princesses' Theatre Crayford after the fire Monday 4th December 1916, no publisher, unused.      £17.50

KPC 3c  A printed card of the Cheouers Inn, Challock, Kent. Unused and no publisher


KPC 4c  A printed multi-view card of Cranbrook, printed for Fred Payne, Jewller & Optician, posted at Frittenden in 1918.      


KPC 5c   Real photogaphic card of Chatham Railway Station, published by Thornton Brothers of New Brompton (number 4061) for Lloyd Langston, Stationer, Chatham. Posted in Chatham 1909.              £32

KPC 6c   Real photogaphic card of Cranbrook War Memorial, looks like the dedication, no publisher but it is numbered (1) which suggest there are more in the series.               £18.50

KPC 7c   Real photogaphic card of The Rose Hotel Canterbury, published by Fisk-Moore of Canterbury, used in Canterbury in 1935, there is a small tear at the bottom and a minor crease in the bottom right hand corner.             £18.50

KPC 8c   Real photogaphic card of High Street Chatham, no publisher but has a number 11 on the back, unused.               £12.50

KPC 9c   A real photographic card of Stone Street (1), Cranbrook, some minor creases to the top left, written but not postally used.



KPC 10c  Real photographic card of The High Street Charing used from Charing in 1919, published by J. Moody number  S 12595


KPC 11c  A printed card of Chilham Railway Station, published by F.Frith & Co. Ltd. of Rigate, number 60353, postally used at Chilham in 1911, stamp cancelled with a Chilham squared circle postmark.          £35

KPC 12c  Real photographic card of St. Peters Place "The flood of October 30th 1909", postally used from Canterbury.



KPC 13c  Real photographic card of The Chatham Empire, postally used from Gillingham in 1912, published by W.N. Real Photographs "Eastgate Series" Rochester, a few minor creases at the top.              £17.50

KPC 14c  Real photographic card of Challock, postally used from Boughton Lees in 1909, no publisher.




KPC 15c  Real photographic card of The High Street, Charing, postally used from Ashford in 1918.    



KPC 16c  Real photographic card of chilham, published by Valentine's, X.L. Series with a greetings label adheard to the front, un-used.            £12

KPC 17c   Real photographic card of The High Street, Chatham, Published by Thornton Brothers of New Brompton, Balmoral Series number 4020, postalley used from Braintree in 1915.         £9.50

KPC 18c   Real photographic card of The High Street, Charing, published by 0d. Moir, of Charing, un-used             £15

KPC 19c   Real photographic card of The Peace Pagent at Charing, no publisher and un-used.              £18.50

KPC 20c  Printed card of the High Street, Chatham, published by Thornton Brothers of New Brompton, addressed and dated on the back but not postalley used.                  £10

KPC 21c     A real photograph of a flood at St. Peters Place, Canterbury, October 20th 1909. The card has been written by the owner of a bakery who's son is delivering bread from the boat.



KPC 22c   A real photographic card of Hartley Corner, Cranbrook, no publisher . Postally used from Cranbrook in 1913.          


KPC 23c  A photographic card of a The Forge Cudhan Street, no publisher, unused.


KPC 24c  A real photographic card of The Old House at Home pub, at The Hill, Cranbrook. Published by B. Jenner, it has a crease bottom right hand corner, postally used from Cranbrook in 1915.


KPC 1d   Real photogaphic card of The Street, Detling, published by Young & Cooper number 650, unused,            £16.50

KPC 2d   A real photographic card of Detling Street, published by Young & Cooper (number 181) postally used from Maidstone in 1912.




KPC 3d   Real photographic card of Doddington Street, published by H.A. Jarvis, postally used at Faversham in 1915     £10


KPC 4d   Real photogaphic card of the shop front Woodruff's Chemist & Stationers, this is in Eastry near Dover, no publisher, it is cancelled at Dover in 1906      £25 

KCP 5d   Real photographic card of The Street, Doddington. un-used and no publisher's name but numbered 2425


KPC 6d   Real photographic card of Doddington Street showing the Post Office, published by H.A. Jarvis of Doddington, unused.                 


KPC 7d   Real photographic card of Lower Southern Hospital, Dartford part of the Snowden's series.


KPC 8d  Real photographic card of Doddington, no publisher but numbered 74720, unused


KPC 9d   Real photographic card of Detling, published by AN SH and postally used at Maidstone in 1915.            



KPC 10d   A printed card of The Street, Detling, published by W. Sherratt of Detling, one of the Vulcan series, postally used from Maidstone in 1930



KPC 11d   Real photographic card of King's College Hospital, Denmark Hill, published by W. Greeing of 79, Denmark Hill, un-used.         £9.50

KPC 12d  Real photographic card of the Street Doddington published by H.A. Jarvis, postally used in 1917


KPC 13d  Real photographic card Chequers HILL, Doddington, un-used and published by H.A. Jarvis


KPC14d   Real photographic card of Dartford War Hospital, published by Snowden's not postalley used but written message.               £15

KPC 15d  Real photographic the Street, Doddington, un-used and published by Allan Jarvis and showing the Post Office run by Allan Jarvis. This car is numbered 3118


KPC 16d   Real photographic card of The Church and Bridge, Dartford, part of the Snowden's Seriers, number 4771.              


KPC 1e   Real photogaphic card, "Distant View Edgerton"   no publisher,        £9


KPC 2e    Real photogaphic card of Egerton from the Church Tower, no publisher, used from Egerton in 1912, there is a small crease in the bottom left hand corner.      


KPC 3e  A real photographic card of the Eastling Schools, Near Faversham, number 286 published by G.W. Lane, not postally used. It has some impression from a child,s scribble, small amount of staining and minor corner damage but still a very collectable card.



KPC 4e   A real photographic card of the General Election December 1910 with the title OFF TO THE POLL AT EASTLING, no publisher, is numbered 30 not postally used.


KPC 5e   Real photographic card, "STONEBRIDGE GREEN EGERTON"

published by A.H. De'Ath of Ashford, Maidstone and Faversham.




KPC 6e   Real photographic card, of the High Street Eltham, published by H.C. Digby and numbered 2381.



KPC 7e   Real photogaphic card, of the High Street, Eastchurch, not used and  no publisher, but is numbered 27.



KPC 9e   Real photographic card of Eccles F.C. Winners of H.C.C. in 1908. No Publisher, postally used 1908 from Eccles. .




KPC 10e   Real photographic card of Church Street, Eastry, published by Woodruff and postally used in 1914 from Eastry.



KPC 1f   Real photogaphic card of the Post Office and Village Frittenden, published by J. Ashbee of Frittenden, unused.                  


KPC 2f   Real photogaphic card of The Mall Faversham, photograph by W. Hargrave, not sent, but has a ½d Edward VII stamp on the back and has been addressed.                             


KPC 3f  Real photographic card of Station Road, Faversham, showing the Railway Station, no publisher but has an indistinct number which apears to be 5926, unused.                


KPC 4f  Real photographic card of Boughton Street, (5)  Faversham published by Filmer,  postally used in 1913                


KPC 5f  Real photographic card of Boughton Street, Faversham, by Filmer of Faversham, unused faded and a crease but still a nice card.





KPC 6f  Real photographic card of Painters' Forstal near Faversham, published by Theo. U. Barber, number 3319, unused.


KPC 7f  A printed card of the Grammar Scool, Faversham - Art Room, number 23813. Unused published by P. A. Buchanan & Co. of Croydon..