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KPC 1a       Real photographic card of Aylesford Vicarage, posted from Alyesford in 1910, publish by H. Bross.s. number 1035      £10 

KPC 2a  A real photographic card of Ashford Cattle Market, published by E.T.W. Dennis & Sons, numbered DBr 64671




KPH 3a  Real photographic card of New Rents, Ashford, unused, published by Cooper's of Maidstone.           £18




KPC 4a  A printed card of Canterbury Road Ashford, unused and no publisher.   £9.50


KPC5a  A real photographic card of High Street Ashford, published by Kingsway. Postally used at Ashford in 1917.  




KPC6a    A real photographic card of Victoria Park, Ashford, published by Davidson Brothers of London & New York, postally used at Ashford in 1909.   £10


KPC7a   A real photographic card of High Street, Ashford, published by G.A. Cooper of Maidstone and numbered 10. Postally used from Ashford in 1915.  £15


KPC8a   A real photographic card of Bank Street, Ashford, Kent, no publisher and unused.           £12



KPC9a   A real photographic card of Bank Street, Ashford, published by Geering's Library, Ashford, and postally used from Ashford in1918   £14


KPC10a A real photographic card of North Street, Ashford, published by Goulden & Wind of Ashford. Postally used from Egerton in 1906. There is a small crease in the top right hand corner.    £10  


KPC11a    A real photographic card of Molland Corner, Ash,published by J. Coulthurst, Chemist at Ash. Postally used from Ash in 1917   £12



KPC 12a  Printed card of the County School for Girls, Asfford Kent, published by Goulden & Wind of Ashford. Postally used from Ashford in 1909.      £12

KPC 13a  A real photographic card of Market Walk, Ashford, no publisher, postally used from Ashford in 1909.




KPC 14a    A real photographic card of Station Road, Ashford, Kent. Postally used but the stamp heas been removed, no real damage to the card.      £10


KPC 15a   Real photographic postcard of Bank Street, Ashford, number S 2791 published by Kingsway. unused.          £15

KPC16a   A real photographic card of The High Street Aylesford , published by Young & Cooper numbered 432. Postally used in 1917.        £15



KPC 1b  Real photogaphic card of The White Horse at Bearsted, nrar Maidstone, published by Sweetman number 54392  posted in the 1950's    £15



KPC 2b  A real photograph of the Post Office, Bethersden, used from Bethersden in 1939, no publisher but numbered 3205.





KPC 3b  Printed card showing a tram in Central Broadway published by Assiter, Bexley Heath, cancelled with a Welling duplex in 1906    £12



KPC 4b   Real photogaphic card of  Bromley High Street cancelled at Bromley in 1917, no publisher, slightly creased. 




KPH 5b   Real photogaphic card of the Kent Friendly Society Home at Beltinge 6½miles from Caterbury, published by F. Scrivens, Checkle Studio, Herne Bay, cancelled at Herne Bay in 1921.        £10


KPC6b  Real photographic card of Bethersden postally used from Bethersden in 1907, no publisher            £22


KPC 7b  A real photographic card of Barham showing the Post Office, written but not posted, no publisher 



KPC 8b  Real photographic card of The Bakers at East Brabourne, it includes the bakers van.not postally used but a message has been written on the back, crease across the bottom right hand corner other wise in very good condition.





KPC 9b   Real photographic card of Brookland, published by G.A. Cooper of Maidstone, un-used.         £12


KPC 10b Real photographic card of Forge Hill, Bethersden, postally used from Bethersden in 1919, no publisher.          £16


KPC 11b  Real photographic card of Library Gardens, Bromley, postally used from Bromley in 1924, published by Boots Cash Chemists, number 20040.          £9


KPC 12b Real photographic card of The Alliance, Brookland, published by W.R. Geering of Ashford, un-used.              £16.50


KPC 13b  Printed card of the Bull Hotel, Betherden, published by Everratt & Ashdown, Photos, Tenterden, Kent, un-used.          £7


KPC 14b  Printed card of Boxley, Kent, published by Young & Cooper of Maidstone number Y&C 273, postally used from Maidstone in 1913              £18



KPC 15b  Printed card of Market Square, Bromley, not postally used and no publisher but written on the back in pencil is the date 1909 and gives the reference to PPM June 2001.           £8


KPC 16b Real photographic card of East Brabourne, no publisher and un-used.               £16 



KPC 17b  Real photographic card of of the Entrance to Brenchley Kent, Wells Series number 4       £8.50



KPC 18b  Real photographic card of Birling from the Church Tower, no publisher, slight stain in top left hand corner, postally used from West Malling in 1912.           £10


KPC 19b   Real photographic card of The Pavilion at Bostall Woods, no publisher, postally used from Belvedere in 1916.



KPC 20b   Real photographic card of High Street, Biddendon, no publisher and un-used.               £16


KPC 21b  Real photographic card of Bateman's Corner, Bethersden, postally used but stamp removed, published by Gouldens & Wind's of Ashford.        £10

KPC 22b  A real photographic card of The Vicarage Boxley, postally used from Maidstone in 1911, no publisher, I would suggest that this is a personal photograph used as a postcard.




KPC 23b  A real photographic card of The Huntsman & Horn at Broomfield, postally used at Herne Bay in 1921


KPC 24b  A real photographic card of The Vicarage Boxley, no publisher.


KPC 25b  A real photographic card of the High Street, Bromley with a Penge bus in the foreground. Published by Sanbride and posted from Beckenham in 1917, slight damage to the top and a minor crease top left hand corner.




KPC 26b  A real photographic card of Boughton Hill, no publisher but numbered 12, postally used from Faversham in 1926.



KPC 27b  A real photographic card of Brabourne Lees Post Office, postally used at Ashford in 1908.






KPC 28b  A real photographic card of Boxley, showing Shilling & Cripps carpenters, published by Young & Cooper number 273, it has a crease down the centre of the card and one across the corner neither of which detract from the view, postally used from Maidstone in 1912.


KPC 29b  A real photographic card of Borden, near Sittingbourne, posted at Sheerness in1948


KPC 30b  A real photographic card of the St. John's Minstrels, at St. John's Wesleyan school Bromley. There is no publisher, most likely a private photograph with a postcard back. There are a few creases but still a very fine social history/local event card. 



KPC 31b  A real photographic card of the Old Smugglers Cabin, Beltinge, published by B & R Ltd. Liverpool, postally used from Hern Bay in 1920