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MM 1       £20




MM 2    1811 letter from the Peninsular War






MM3   £10




MM 4    £55     





MM 5    Envelope from the Boar War cancelled with the FIELD POST OFFICE . BRITISH ARMY S. AFRICA  dated December 7th 1800.



 MM 6   £10   George V Registered Army Post Office envelope with registration and cancellation S12 for  Harfleur




MM 7  A Jersey Red Cross form, on the back is typed - Many thanks letter LYdia Alice well. Weather warm. Hope you are happy at work. Longing to see you. All at Queen's Road well.

19.9.41.            Then stamped in red ON BEHALF OF THE BAILIFF OF JERSEY'S ENQUIRY AND NEWS SERVICE.   with a censor mark  Crown over PASSED P.168





MM8    WWII R.A.F. illustrated Air-graph  from E.A. French, 181 Wing, India.





MM  9  A free cover from the Australian forces in Vietnam with an AUST F.P.O. 3 cancel dated 8th October 1968.






MM10   A Korean War ARMY-AIR FORCE POSTAL SERVICE A.P.O. date May 10th 1952





MM11   A censored envelope with a F.P.O 219 cancel from the Faroes.





MM12   A Gold Coast cover with a PASSED BY CENSOR GOLD COAST 5 censor mark.


 MM13   A real photographic World War 1 postcard showing Red Cross nurses collecting funds, possible for war orphans, unused. .