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KPH 1. Hand illustrated envelope from Greenwich to Margate posted July 6th 1895, back stamped at Margate on the same day.  




KPH 2  Mulready sheet sent from Sevenoaks with a SEVEN-OAKS  6th December 1840 cancel and red maltese cross, letter sheet is complete but a little grubby on the back.




KPH 3  A free frank cover of 1839, signed by the Duke of Wellington and has an undated double arch cancel on the back of Walmer.



The reverse of item KPH 3
The reverse of item KPH 3



KPH 4  A postcard of Madeira Walk with a Folkestone 36mm diameter skeleton  cancel dated August 25th 1911.






KPH 5   Smarden Penny Post on an entire, back stamped with a Cranbrook double arch dated October 11, 1840. Unfortunately the adhesive has been removed but the Smarden Penny Post is clear.





KPH 6   Postcard sent from Swanley on Christmas Day 1923






KPH 7  1842 GRAVESEND SHIP LETTER on a wrapper 





KPH 8   A letter from Charles Wykeham-Martin ( MP for Newport I.O.W.) from Leeds Castle near Maidstone to one of his constituents. Sent August 10th 1840 with a 4 margin 1d black cancelled with a red maltese cross.







KPH 9  Cover sent from Staplehurst to Switzerland in 1877 bearing two Victorian plate 203 1d reds and a plate 10 ½d        




KPH 10  1857 neat Canterbury sideways duplex cancel.



KPH 11   1800 Deal ship letter mark on wrapper, slightly stained but a good strike of the Ship Letter DEAL.      


KPH 12  1789 entire with a two line CANTER/BURY mark.





KPH 13  Outer wrapper 1790 with concave CHATHAM mark  


KPH 14 1844 letter from Maidstone to Charing with a penny paid mark.



KPH 15   A cover from Belgium to Tenterden with an ASHFORD STATION OFFICE code "C" back stamp dated July 8th 1890 along with a Tenterden arrival mark with the same date.




KPH  16   1884 cover from Ashford to Staplehurst with a penny revenue stamp cancelled with an Ashford squared circle cancel, back stamped Cranbrook (dated March 01 84 instead of 10) and Staplehurst  







KPH  17  1799 part wrapper with a Chatham concave cancel.





KPH  18  An 1803 letter with a Charing box mileage mark




KPH 19  A postcard with a 31mm skeleton postmark of ERITH S.O. KENT dated December 24 1906, the picture is of Marie Studholme




KPH 20  Cover from Folkestone to Dublin with a sideways duplex cancel dated April 19th 1869, back stamp Sandgate "C" with same date, and a H&K packet mark dated April 20th        £12.50


KPH 21   An envelope with the stamps cancelled by an Eltham G22 duplex, the date is unclear, but the back stamp of London gives a date of July 31st 1882.



KPH 22   A envelope from West Malling to Ashbourne  with a strike of a WEST MALLING  UDDA, the perf 16 1d red on the front is cancelled by a Maidstone sideways duplex 493 dated July 3rd 1854, 






KPH  23  1839 wrapper form Gravesend to Southampton with a Gravesend single arc cancel dated September 6th 1839.  £7.50




KPH 24  A postcard cancelled with a U.S.S. MEMPHIS  GRAVESEND cancel dated July 12th 1926.  The picture is of Charing Cross & Grand Hotel London.   £25



KPH 25  1879 statement of accounts for Curdridge School with a plate 15  ½d stamp for printed mater rate cancelled by a Folkestone duplex date September 12th 1879 and has an East Molesly receiving mark on the back dated for the 13th..




KPH 26   A Young & Cooper Hop picking card, number 32 cancelled with a 34mm HADLOW - TONBRIDGE skeleton postmark date August 14th 1906.





KPH 27   Postcard from Germany thats done the rounds, the stamp has been cancelled at Munchen and Ventnor Isle of Wight and then we have the Ightham Sevenoaks cancel, there is no cancel for the final destination of Petersfield Hants. A good piece of fun.   £4



KPH  28   1845 letter from Harrietsham to Charing via Maidstone with a HARRIETSHAM undated double arc. 




KPH  29  1849 wrapper from Hollingbourne to Edinburgh, it has the acknowlegement of the receipt of £1000 on the front but no content, but it has a very fine HOLLINGBOURNE undated double arc in red. The numeral cancel on the 1d red is not readable but should be 493 for Maidstone.   £35



KPH 30  A wrapper with a 1d red cancelled with a fine maltese cross sent from Goudhurst to Rye having a GOUDHURST PENNY POST strike on the front and Lamberhurst double arc dated August 31 1843 on the reverse with a Rye receiving mark of September 1st.




KPH 31  1837 letter with a small WARE undated double arc  £10



KPH  32  A 1d pink postal stationery envelope made from Dickinson silk threaded security paper sent from Charing with a CHARING UDDA cancel and a Maidstone double arc strike dated August 5th 1845, the embossed 1d pink cancelled with the 493 of Maidstone.  



KPH 33  This letter originly sent from London to Maidstone was the sent back to London receiving a concave MAIDSTONE mark.





KPH 34  1847 Maidstone letter with a fine (P1) 1d paid mark.







KPH 35   1851 redirected envelope from West Farleigh to Maidstone then redirected to Harrogate, this cover has a faint but rare WEST FARLEIGH UDDA.





KPH 36  1797 letter, part missing where the seal was, it has a concave MAIDSTONE mark  £20



KPH 37 1912 illustrated envelope to Viscount Sudley, no contents and has been roughly opened.              19.50



KPH 38  1827 letter with a TENTERDEN single circle  




KPH 39  1858 1d pink envelope (Dickinson paper) sent from Mersham to London with an Ashford 31 numeral cancel on the front and a Mersham single arch undated mark as shown on the back. 







KPH 40 1876 envelope with 1d red plate 156 cancelled with a Tunbridge duplex 818, back stamped with a ST.-STEPHENS TUNBRIDGE and a TUNBRIDGEWELLS cancel.  




KPH 41  1792 letter from Canterbury with an un-dated circular postmark.





KPH 42  Morning envelope with a plate 76 1d red cancelled with a Folkestone duplex dated September 29th 1865.





KPH 43  1821 wrapper from Maidstone to Charing with a MAIDSTONE open boxed mileage mark.








KPH 44  Postcard with a RAINHAM squared circle postmark  £15



KPH 45  1854 envelope with a RAINHAM PENNY POST mark, the stamp has been removed from the front.  £25



KPH 46  1849 envelope with a YALDING undated double arc  £15



KPH 47  A cover from Ramsgate to France bearing a Victorian plate 12 2½d stamp.






KPH 48  An envelope with an imperforated 1d red sent from Ulcombe to Edinburgh with an UDDA ULCOMBE cancel along with the Maidstone double arc dated January 21st 1851.






KPH 49  1852 envelope sent to Wales with a fine HARTLIP undated double acre. 






KPH 50  A penny pink pre-paid envelope using Dickinson silk threaded paper, sent from Mersham to Ashford on July 24th 1858 then redirected to London. Penny pink cancel by an indistinct numeral cancel.






KPH 51  An envelope with an UDDA cancel of YALDING the back stamp of Maidstone is dated July 15 1846.






KPH 52  An envelope posted from Tunbridge Wells on July 17th 1844 to Nova Scotia  arriving at Halifax on July 30th 1844.






KPH 53  A small parcel post label 49mm X 38mm from Approach Road, Margate Kent.






KPH 54  An envelope with a fine HORSMONDEN undated double arc cancel, the front bears a 1d red stars cancelled with a Staplehurst 939 duplex dated February 21st 1859 






KPH 55  An entire from Maidstone to Gravesend posted 3rd February 1841 with two 1d blacks (one just 4 margin the other 3 margin) 






KPH 56  WALMER ROAD undated double arc cancel on an envelope sent to Canterbury via Deal in 1851






KPH 57  PARKGATE-KENT undated double arc cancel on a Dickinson's silk thread security paper 1d pink envelope sent to Macclesfield  in 1844






KPH 58  BETHERSDEN undated double arc cancel on a Dickinson's silk thread security paper 1d pink envelope sent to Westonsupermare  in 1853