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Ic PH 1 Cover from Reykjavik to England with a 1920 15aur King Christian X and a 1925 20aur Views stamps, posted 18th August 1930. 




IcPH 2 Mint postcard depicting King Christian IX on Icelandic stamps.




IcPH 3  A WWII cover from Iceland to England with FPO2 cancel  £27.50



IcPH 4  An opened by censor cover from Iceland with the 40aur brown Geyer plus the 5aur cod.   £30



IcPH 5  A postcard of Hafnarfjörður postally used from Reykjavik in 1932 using a 7aur green stamp from the 1925 scenic set.




IcPH 6  Graf Zeppelin cover Reykjavik to Nancy,  back stamped for  Friedrichshaffen and Nancy, appears slightly faded.




IcPH 7 Air mail cover with Reykjavik bridge cancel dated 11th May 1949  £6



IcPH 8 Air mail cover flown to New York with Reykjavik bridge cancel dated 11 March 1955   £5



IcPH  9  First day cover of the Proclamation of Republic set. 17th June 1944  £65



IcPH 10   WWII privilege envelope with censor mark number 2621 from Iceland, with content. 




IcPH 11  Iceland WWII envelope with FPO 304 cancel  £28



IcPH 12 A real photographic card of Siglufjörður, Iceland, unused.





IcPH 13  Postcard sent from Iceland via Graf Zeppelin  £95




IcPH 14 Photographic postcard of Laugavegur in Reykjavik





IcPH15 Printed postcard of a street scene in SIGLUFJORÐUR  £14



IcPH 16  Iceland WWII envelope with R.A.F. POST OFFICE 001 cancel used at Camp Winston,  and has the R.A.F. censor mark 288.



 IcPH 17   A real photographic card of  Vestmannæyjar (Heimaey) published by Baldvin Pálsson.




IcPH 18  A postcard addressed to France, of people cutting ice on the Thorn at Reykjavik, it has the stamp on the front with the corner folded over the edge. As shown it has a very clear Troon ship letter and Troon receiving  mark dated September 16th 1907.





IcPH 19  Printed mater rated Aberdeen ship letter with fine boxed SHIP LETTER mark cancelled ABERDEEN - 3 - dated February 9th 1929               £60



IcPH 20 Photographic postcard of Reykjavik with the harbour in the background, used from Indianapolis in 1945.




IcPH 21 Printed postcard of men catching puffin in Vestmannæyjar (Westmann Islands)



 IcPH 22 A real photographic card of Strandarkirkja (Strandarkirkja is a Lutheran parish church in Selvogur, on the southern coast of Iceland) published by Útg Helgi Árnason of Reykjavik 



 IcPH 23 A real photographic multi-view card of  Reykjavik



 IcPH 24   A real photographic card of the Roman Catholic Church, Reykjavik.



 IcPH 25   A real photographic card of Siglufjöorður   Síldarsölton (fish market) published by Baldvin Pálsson.




 IcPH 26   A real photographic card of Reykjavik in the winter published by The Iceland Tourist Bureau, Reykjavik.