LE 1 A very fine 4 margin 2d blue  plate 2 with red maltese cross, there is a minor thin top centre, but it is rare to have the red cancel on a plate 2.





LE 2  Fine block of four plate 4 1841 2d blues, 3 clear margins the 4th just cutting into the design. Not easy to get blocks.         




LE 3   1841 Victorian 2d Blue with number 6 in cross





 LE 4   Matched pair of 1d black and 1d red both from plate 2 




LE 5   Matched pair of 1d black and 1d red both from plate 10 




LE 6  1d Red with 1 in cross, margins clear all round, no defects 




LE 7 1d Red with 1 in cross 3 large margins, just cut into along the bottom, no other defects   





LE 8  1d Red with 2 in cross, this stamp has 4 margins, they are close but the design is not cut into at all, there are no holes thins or any other defects.    £15



LE 9  Fine 1841 (plate 3)2d blue 4 clear margins no defects. 



LE 10  A pair of plate 9 batums used in Brighton   





LE 11  1841 (plate 3) 2d blue 4 margins no defects  





LE 12  1841 (plate 3) 2d blue 4 large margins no defects   £17.50



LE 13  1841 (plate 3) 2d blue 4 margins, closed tear at the top  


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LE 14  1870 ½d plate 13 strip of 5 with plate number and part marginal inscription and imperf  along the margin.  





LE 15  plate 3 1841 2d blue with 12 in cross, margin just touching on the left hand side and close at the top, no thins or defects           



LE 16 

          1870 1½d plate 1   SG 51   mounted mint  





LE 17  Plate 1B 1d black 4 margins red maltese cross no defects 




LE 18  2d blue plate 2 with 4 margins on piece, there is a crease/fold which appears to have been made at the time of adhering the stamp to the cover before posting.



LE 19  Plate 6 Fine 1d black 4 margins no defects  





LE 19  Block  of Plate 49 1d reds with plate number and marginal inscription, hing reinforcement on the top row between the 3rd and 4th stamp otherwise fine.



LE 24 Average used plate 225 slightly trimmed perfs, Aberdeen cancel.  £185


LE 25  Fine used plate 225 



LE 30  Plate 7 fine 1d black 4 margins but close in places,  no thins creases or holes   



 LE 31  Fine plate 2 1d back 4 margins, no thins creases or holes  






LE 32  Plate 4 fine 1d black 4 margins, light cancel, no thins creases or holes.    





LE 33  Very good looking plate 2 1d black just touching on the right hand side, no thins creases or holes  




LE 34  4 margin (close on left hand side) plate 2 1d black,  no thins creases or holes    




LE35  4 margin victoria 2d blue no defects   




LE37  1840  victoria 2d blue 4 margins no defects   




LE 38  4 margin light red maltese cross plate 9 1d black,  no thins creases or holes    




LE 39  3 margin  plate 8 1d black,  no thins creases or holes    




LE 40  1840  victoria 2d blue 4 margins plate 1 no defects   


The table below gives my current prices for the 1d red plates I have in stock at this time, as the stock is alway changing I cannot guarantee always to have a complete range. Please contact me if you have any special requirements such as certain check letters for a particular plate, I will do my best to fulfil any such request.







These are just a couple of examples from my stock of 223 & 224


Two plate 12 2d blue stamps from stock