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PH 1


This cover with 12 in maltese cross sent from High Wycombe May 17th 1843   £100




PH 2  

This wrapper has 4 in maltese cross with a Lombard Street cross back stamp dated 3rd February, sent to Brighton with a receiving mark with date FE 4   18 4 (missing the first 4)


Price £260

PH 3


1868 entire from London to Salvador bearing a 2/- colbalt blue  SG 120a. It comes with a David Brandon certificate. current catalogue value off cover £3000


Price £975

PH 4


Fine advertising cover from Manchester to USA posted 12th December 1878 with engraving on the reverse.   £75

Reverse of cover above.

PH5  Letter sent from London to Indiana via New York in 1853 with a 1/- embosed stamp, it has recieved a 5c charge giving rise to the N.YORK B  PKṬ  PAID mark dated 19th May. 







PH 6  Early letter dated 1700 with Bishop Mark.



PH 7


This letter from Trinity College Dublin has two plate 12  ½d stamps   £22


PH 8   A cover to France in 1856 with a 4d stamp small garter watermark.






A cover from London to Italy with a 6d plate 12, posted February 6th 1874



PH 10   1843 Envelope with 5 in cross on 1d red, with a back stamp dated JU-29-1843




PH 11  A registered cover from Birmingham to San Francisco posted 8th May 1925 arriving New York on the 15th May 1925 then air mail to San Francisco with a 2/6 charity stamp placed on the back.



Back of item 11
Back of item 11


PH 12  Fores's coloured caricature.




PH 13

           3d up-rated to 7d postal stationery envelope



PH 14  1851 envelope to Hereford with a scarce  inspectors delivery mark. 




PH 15


An envelope sent from Sommertown to Oxford with a SOMMERTOWN UDDA cancel and a faint Wandsworth double arc dated 1847. On the front there is a manuscript 1d strike and an Oxford double arc receiving mark dated November 8th 1847 shown below.




PH 16

         I.R. OFFICIAL stamp on cover posted at Bromley Kent dated 17th January 1903, the flap is missing but still a very good cover.


PH 17


2 in cross sent to Rye in July 1843  - £65

4 in cross sent to Halstead Essex in December 1843 - £350

5 in cross sent to Rye in June 1843  - £40

6 in cross sent to Rye in September 1843  - £40

7 in cross sent to Rye in January 1844  - £45

8 in cross sent to Preston in October 1843  - £30

9 in cross sent to Rye in July 1843  - £45

10 in cross sent to Stratford Upon Avon in May 1844  - £85

PH 18 

            An unortherised bisect used on 24th December 1935





PH 19

           1781 wrapper sent from Bristol to London with a large straight line BRISTOL mark with a Bishop mark for the 22nd of October.




PH 20

           1d red on wrapper with a London 11 in cross    




PH 21

          A small envelope with a plate 6 1d black, 4 margins Taunton to London dated May 18th 1841




PH 22

          A Victorian 6d + 2½d postal stationery envelope up-rated with a 4d adhesive ( SG 192 ) cancelled by a hooded London cancel dated 6 MAY 86, with back stamp MANNHEIM dated 7/5/86




PH 23

          A Wm Brandt's Sons & Co wrapper from London to France using a plate 13 2½d WBSCo perfin.



PH 24

    June 1855 wrapper sent from the Glasgow to Baltimore with an embossed 1/- green     



PH 25

            1882 morning envelope with R in circle topped with a crown to indicate that it had been redirected in the same postal district with no extra charge added.




PH 26

            1872 wrapper Leith to Caen with a plate 6 3d  SG 103 stamp cancelled with the Leith 221 duplex.



PH 27

            1870 wrapper Falkirk to Edinburgh with a plate 13 2d blue



PH 28  1881 envelope postally used with a 1d Inland revenue stamp, back stamps are from NEWTON STEWART, WIGTOWN And GIRVAN.





PH 29

              1852 envelope Stirling to Bombay with a 4 margin 1/- green embossed stamp.   




PH 30

              1876 printed matter from Oxford to Haarlem, Netherlands with a plate 3 2½d rosy mauve  SG 141  cancelled by an Oxford 603 dupllex.



PH 31/Bar 12

               British Empire series postcard showing a postman of Barbados. On the back is a printed message from J&J Colman Ltd. saying their representative will call on them to take an order as shown here, The  ½d Edward VII stamp is a  perfin stamp of the company ( J&J C)

To see the front please view it at COMMONWEALTH STAMPS AND COVERS / BARBADOS Bar 12



PH 32  September 6th 1840 wrapper from Devizes to London with a four margin 1d Black plate 2 (HG) cancelled in red.




PH 33  An envelope sent from Peasmarsh via Lamberhurst to Oxford in October of 1840 with a 1d black cancelled in red, on the reverse a fine clear PEASMARSH undated double arc as shown below.





 PH 34  An envelope sent from London in December of 1840 with a 1d black cancelled in red and a London Colxey Penny Post mark. Creasing at the top of the envelope.




 PH 35  A British Empire Exhibition 1924 postcard of the EAST AFRICA AND GOLD COAST BUILDINGS with a 1925 1d British Empire Exhibition stamp cancelled with the exhibition machine cancel dated August 14th 1925.




 PH 36  A British Empire Exhibition 1924 postcard of the MALAYA PAVILION with a 1925 1½d British Empire Exhibition stamp cancelled with the exhibition machine cancel dated June 27th 1925




 PH 37  A postcard with a View from the Flip Flap, Japan-British Exhibition  with the official hand-stamp from the exhibition dated September 10th 1910.




 PH 38  A postcard of the Irish International Exhibition, Dublin, 1907 showing the Bridge & Water Chute with the official hand-stamp from the exhibition dated July 11th 1907.




 PH 39  A tatty postcard of St. Johns Gate, Clarkenwell, London with the Imperial International Exhibition cancel dated July 21st 1909.




 PH 40   1840 Victorian 2d Blue plate 2 badly cut left hand side, on a wrapper with a boxed CUPARANGUS cancel on the back dated April 11th 1842.




 PH 41  An Official Coronation Exhibition 1911 postcard showing the Mountain Railway  with the official hand-stamp from the exhibition dated July 20th 1911.




 PH 42  An Edinburgh,  Dead Letter Office, Returned Paid Letter  envelope, with a back stamp for Glasgow dated December 31st 1856. 






PH 43  1702 letter from J. Rogers at Christchurch  College Oxford to his father in Newcastle on Tyne, the letter has the  Bishop mark for October 6th.





PH 44  1857 envelope sent from London on 29th May 1857 arriving in Wells Somerset the next day ( the appropriate mark on the back) postage paid with a plate 5 2d blue





PH 45  1931 flight cover to Australia bearing both 1924 British Empire Exhibition stamps plus the set of the 1929 U.P.U. there is a little damage to the edge of the envelope. Posted on the 3rd April 1931 arrived at Melbourne on the 29th April .





PH 46   Mulready letter sheet posted on the 12th November 1840, no content and some minor damage.





PH 48   A 1777 entire with a PENNY POST PAID Dockwra  mark.





PH 49   1860 entire to New York via Ireland with a 1/-  green plate 1, the 5 cent & PAID  marks applied in New York.





 PH 50  1844 envelope with a 4 margin 1d red cancelled by a London 66 numeral postmark (Lewisham)and a straight line New St. V.S. ( New St. Vincent Square) in red.. It has a tear from the top of 1" and a bit toned.





 PH 51  1843 1d Mulready letter sheet going to Maidstone cancelled with a 11 in cross maltese cross