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Z1  1896 British Africa overprinted Zanzibar set  SG 41 to 46  mounted mint  


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Z2  1949 block of 4 Silver Wedding  SG 334  unmounted mint very minor crease in the corner of the top left--hand stamp.





Z3  1949 Silver Wedding  SG 333/4  unmounted mint




Z4  1949 Silver Wedding  SG 333/4  used




Z5  An embossed stamp illustrated postcard 





Z6  1936 Silver Jubilee of Sultan Kalif bin Harub registered first day cover.




Z 7  1913 40R  SG 260d  mint but repaired




Z8  1908 10R  SG 239  used




Z9  Gruss aus Zanzibar advertising postcard sent to Germany using a ½ Anna Sultan Seyyid Hamid-bin Thwain stamp cancelled with a Zanzibar square circle, and there is a Munich arrival mark. no clear date.





Z10  1913 30R  SG 260c  used




Z11  1895-8 2½ surcharge type 3 in red on 2a blue   SG 38  with part original gum, stated to be genuine in 1997 with a BPA certificate.




Z12  1913 short set to the 5r   SG 246 to 259  mounted mint




Z13  1957 set   SG 358 to 372  unmounted mint




Z14  1908 1R sideways watermark   SG 234a  mounted mint