In 1  Indian postal stationery Soldiers and Seaman's Envelope with a FIELD.P.O.  10 FEB. cancelling the stamp, back stamped SEA POST OFFICE  C.  12 FEB, and a receiving mark for JUBBU PORE dated Feb 12 1886



In 2 Flight cover from INDIA to CEYLON with special Flight X'mas 1936 cachet and FIRST SPECIAL AIR MAIL INDIA - CEYLON DECEMBER 1936 cachet  



In 3 1902 King Edward VII 5R   SG 142   mounted mint


In 4 1926 King George V 15R   SG 218 used   


In 5  East India Sercvice Post Card for the submission of reports to the Meteorological Office, posted in 1891 from Wellesley Street, Luckeeserai give the weekly rainfall for the 25th to 29th August.


In 6  Airmail cover from India to Ceylon with the cachet for the INDO-CEYLON SPECIAL FLIGHT X'MAS 1933 AIR MAIL no arrival mark.


In 7  Indian 7½As on 6A postal stationery envelope posted from Yeravda to London.


In 8  1935 India First Flight cover Bombay to Calcutta 




InS 1 1937 King George VI  1r overprinted JIND STATE   SG 121   unmounted mint.


InS 2  1937 King George VI  2r overprinted JIND STATE   SG 122   unmounted mint.


InS 3  1937 King George VI  5r overprinted JIND STATE   SG 123   unmounted mint.


InS 4  1937 King George VI  10r overprinted JIND STATE   SG 124   unmounted mint.


InS 5  1937 King George VI  15r overprinted JIND STATE   SG 125   unmounted mint.


InS 6 1904 Indore State postal stationery card up-rated with two ¼a adhesives. There is a pin hole in the top centre.  




InS 7 1938 King George VI  25r overprinted GWALIOR   SG 117   unmounted mint.


Ins 8  Hyderabad postal stationery envelope with a double print of the stamp, one albino.


InS 9  1941 George VI 25R overprinted JIND   SG 136   unmounted mint.


InS 9  1938 George VI 1R overprinted CHAMBA STATE SERVICE    SG O68   used, perfs at the bottom poor.