Eg 1  1932 British Forces seal     SG  A1   used


Eg 2  1907 postcard of the Menahouse Hotel & Pyramids with a PYRAMIDS cancellation.


Eg 3  1907 postcard of camels and donkeys with a CATARACT HOTEL ASSOUAM cancellation 


Eg 4  1906 cover with a SHEPHEARD'S HOTEL cancellation 


Eg 5 1918 cover Singa to Khartoum with a PASSED BY CENSOR SUDAN mark and on the back we have a SHELLAL HALFA SUDAN T.P.O. No1, a SINGA cancellation and KHARTOUM receiving mark. 


Eg 6 An official O.H.H.S. cover with a postage due.


Eg 7 1914 postcard with a 1907 1p blue with an official overprint stamp   SG O77  applied to the front.