Cey 1  1863 Victoria 2/- watermark crown over (CC type 1)    SG 59  used  


Cey 2  1863 Victoria 2d ochre watermark crown over (CC type 1 reversed)    SG 51  used  


Cey 3  1903  Edward VII crown CA watermark low values overprinted SPECIMEN    SG 265s to 273s   mounted mint  


Cey 4  WWII censored cover from section Base Office to Surrey with two censor marks. 


Cey 5  Victorian internal District Letter Envelope used at Maskeliya


Cey 6  George V postcard from Talawakele Ceylon to Thurnham, Maidstone, Kent, cancel dated December 1st 1916 with the one of sixteen missing. The picture side has an ox cart and is titled "A shady road, Ceylon" and has "The season's greetings from Ceylon" in silver.


Cey 7  Censored cover from Ceylon to India cancelled with FPO 74 date not readable, and has PASSED BY UNIT CENSOR C34