Can Br C 1   1868 British Columbia 2c on 3c brown   SG 28  mounted mint


Can Br C 2   1865 British Columbia 3c blue   SG 22  mounted mint, top left corner perf repaired.


Can Br C 3   1865 British Columbia 3c blue   SG 22  mounted mint,



Can Va 1   1865 Vancouver Island 10c blue   SG 14   used with perforation faults



Can NF 1   1868 3c blue  SG 37  mounted mint


Can NF 2   1897 400th anniversary of the discovery of Newfoundland set  SG 66 to 79  mounted mint


Can NF 3   1919 Newfoundland Contingent set  SG 130 to 141  mounted mint



Can Col 1   1863 cover from Newmarket Ontario to Rugby with  a 12½c stamp  SG 39  



Can 1     Colony of Canada 1855 cover from Hamilton to Chatham with a 3d Beaver stamp.                           £175

Can 2     1935 George V coil stamps imperf X 8  SG 352 to 354   used in pairs, perf damage on 2c brown.


Can 3     1939 first day cover for the special delivery stamp with the 10c on 20c  SG S11  cancelled Winnipeg and dated 1st March 1939.


Can NF4      Cover for the first Air-mail St. Johns to St. Anthony January 8th 1931   


Can NF5       Newfoundland 1933 first flight cover from St. John's to Wabush-Katsao (gold concession) Labrador via Seven Island Quebec. The stamps are cancelled on the first day of issue 11th July 1933 at St John's, on the back is a cachet for the flight and back stamps of Septiles, Wabush-Katsao and Qubec.  


Can NF6     Newfoundland 1931 First flight cover St. Johns to St. Anthony then returned to St. Johns. Signed, maybe by the pilot?  


Can NC1      1867 cover HALIFAX to MABOU NOVA SCOTIA   


Can 4      1907 Canadian Pacific Railway Company postal stationery postcard  showing the Hot Springs Hotel, Banff, used from Montreal April 30th 1907 and giving a statement of earnings and expenses on the back. There is a scissor cut at the bottom of the card which although 2cm  long it is clean and does not detract from the card.  


Can 5     1935 Canadian Air Mail First Flight Cover Doré Lake to Beauval using two 1899 Victorian 2c on 3c   SG 172  and 1898 Christmas stamp  SG 166  


Can 6     1932 Ottawa to Bradore Bay flight cover with the OTTAWA CONFERENCE 1932 6C ON 5C overprint used on the first day of issue July 12th 1932.